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The Successful Six

To gamble you must know about the game. To gamble successfully at blackjack you must have the right equipment:

Before we jump into all of the strategies and rules that you need to know to play blackjack, there is something we must discuss that is so important everything else takes a back seat. That something is your "equipment".

Proper Bankroll

No scared money. Flat out, that's the rule. Your bankroll is your source of competition, and without it you're going nowhere. The amount of money you bring to the blackjack table is directly proportional to the amount you can expect to win. Don't ever go into a blackjack casino with $50.00 and expect to come out with $5,000. The rule of thumb is this: bring forty times your initial bet.


You must know the game of blackjack. Every aspect of it. From the rules to the odds. There is no way you can compete successfully against the blackjack casino and not know everything. It's simply a must. Don't be scared by this. It's not as hard as you think and this site will cover most things

Betting Strategy

You must have a game plan. Contrary to popular belief, gambling is not solely up to chance. There are strategies that must be followed, predetermined betting styles and amounts, all of which are based on your bankroll. These methods will help you to minimize your loses and take advantage of streaks in blackjack.

Self Control

Self control determines how well you can handle yourself in blackjack casinos, especially when things are not going your way. Self control is the ability to walk away when you should even though you don't want to. It is the power to make certain wagers and decisions that might scare you. It is the power to stand on a 12, or to split 8's against a king. It is the power to become a blackjack winner. If you're a gambler and you lack self-control, you'll be out of the business pretty damn quick

Understanding Probability and Trends

You must know the chances involved in any blackjack decision. Every game in a casino is governed by the rules of probability. To make the most of your bankroll, you need to play only those blackjack games (as well as the side wagers within those games) that have the best odds of turning a profit.


This is the mark of a blackjack professional. Never lose your cool, and never try to rush a win. If you're down $50.00 don't try to get it all back in one play. It will eat your money faster than you can imagine. Your patience will pay off, but you have to be ready to wait, not play.

These are the SUCCESSFUL SIX

These are the basics of what you need to be a winner. If you implement these six, and incorporate them into the methods you will learn, you'll drastically increase the chances of beating the blackjack casino at its own game.